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Here at 3D Baby Bonding our philosophy is that you cannot start to bond with your baby soon enough !

Owned and operated by a local mother and daughter team we understand the importance of family and the inseparable bond between mother and child.

Rest assured you are in good hands as our qualified sonographer has over 25 years experience in medical imaging and provides on going training to all our employees.

We absolutely love what we do! We will welcome you and your family and make your visit as special and enjoyable as possible.

Our fully trained staff will ensure that your non-diagnostic scan is warm, wonderful and everything you hope for!


Why 3D Baby Bonding - our personal story. 

 I have had mothers and fathers ask me before “Why did you start 3D Baby Bonding?’ and I have always been honest about my passion for wanting to help mothers create a special bond with their baby and how important I felt it was that their families got to create a bond with the new baby too.

But I have not delved deeper into why we started 3D Baby Bonding, so let me share my story with you and show you why I believe 3D Baby Bonding can make a positive difference in your life.

During my first pregnancy with my daughter, I was completely and utterly caught off guard. I had different plans and ideas for what I wanted, and of course once you plan something the universe laughs and sends you what you need instead. However, for me it was a lot harder to adjust and I developed pre-natal (before the birth) anxiety and depression and struggled to form a bond with my unborn baby.

At first I didn’t want to believe it, I didn’t think it was real, but I soon learnt I was wrong and that pre-natal anxiety and depression was very real, and I had to find my way through it. I had a network of people surrounding me and a strong family supporting me. I got better and eventually created that unbreakable bond between me and my daughter Lily. If you are going through something similar, I just want to pause and say, you can do this, you will get better, and I promise you will have that bond with your baby.

However, throughout my pregnancy every time I got to see my baby, to hear their heartbeat and take home a new photo something in my chest eased, and I felt closer to this growing life inside me. I longed to get a 3D ultrasound as my pregnancy did not feel real to me yet and I wanted to SEE my baby, really see her and start that connection, but alas no where near me provided this service, and so my dream for 3D Baby Bonding started.

I created 3D Baby Bonding because I care. I care about your baby, I care about you and your family’s bond with your baby and I care about you. I have this passion to help mothers, fathers and their families create that connection with their new baby. A surprise or not, a new baby can create quite the stir.

I want to help everyone, and anyone feel that connection, that bond, with their new baby. Whether it is to help create it or to strengthen the bond, I am here to help. Rain, hail or shine I want to provide this service for you. Day or night or after hours I am here to create your personalised Bonding experience.

When I started 3D Baby Bonding, I was reading everything and anything about maternal-foetal bonding and how to assist in creating that bond with 3D Ultrasound. I read studies on the subject and found articles agreeing with my idea that 3D ultrasound can assist mothers feel closer to their babies. A study on the effects of ultrasound on maternal‐foetal bonding found that “3D Ultrasound appears to more positively influence the perceptions of mothers to their babies post birth compared to 2D Ultrasound” and that “3D Ultrasound may have a greater impact on the maternal‐foetal bonding process” furthermore this study found that mothers “having a 3D ultrasound  examination consistently scored higher than those having a 2D ultrasound  examination alone for all categories of maternal‐foetal bonding.” (Ji et al.,2005).

Another study found that  3D ultrasound images had a more positive influence on mothers perceptions regarding their babies compared to 2D ultrasound, and that specifically this study found mothers who had a 3D ultrasound shared images to twice as many people than mothers who only have 2D ultrasound, showing that 3D ultrasound has the potential to strengthen the support networks surrounding families who are expecting new babies (Pretorius et al., 2001).

So let me help you start the bonding process by providing you with a perfect 3D ultrasound experience tailored to suit your needs.



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