Are 2D, 3D and 4D baby scans safe for my baby?

All of the above scans use the same sound waves and are the same as the scans performed by your Doctor or the Sonographer during your Dating or Morphology scans.

There is currently no evidence to suggest that Ultrasound scans are harmful to you or your baby.

What is the difference between the scans?

2D ultrasound is the traditional black and white scan performed by your Doctor or Sonographer during your dating or Morphology scans.

3D ultrasound is a 3-dimensional image allowing you to see features of your baby’s face and body.

4D ultrasound is a real-time 3D image which allows you to see what your baby is up to during the scan.

Will I get a good picture of my baby’s face during the scan?

All attempts will be made to obtain the best possible picture of your baby’s face but this is not always possible. There are many factors that influence this – the position of the Placenta, amount of fluid around baby, baby’s position and position of the Cord and hands. If a good picture is not possible on the day, a second attempt will be made at no extra charge, at a time that suits both parties.

When is the best time for my 3D / 4D scan?

Throughout your pregnancy clear and realistic pictures should be obtainable. Between 20-32 weeks there is still room for the baby to move around in and amazing movements can be seen. After 38 weeks of pregnancy, room for baby to move becomes limited and obtaining good quality pictures becomes difficult although you are welcome to try.

Can I find out the gender of my baby?

Yes you can, preferably after the 18th week of pregnancy. Although not 100% accurate, 3D imaging offers the highest accuracy.

Many factors influence the determination of gender such as baby’s position, amount of fluid around baby, position of the cord and the mother’s body type. If the gender cannot be determined at the first scan, a second attempt will be made at no cost at a time that suits both parties.

The scan can also be performed without determining the gender. Many couples would like a surprise at delivery so finding out the gender is completely up to you.

What if I am expecting twins?

You can still have the scan it will just take longer and the cost will be a little more - scanning twins is more intricate than scanning one baby.

What if the scan shows something wrong with my baby?

As this is NOT a medical scan, we will not be looking for any abnormalities in your pregnancy.

Will I need to do anything before my appointment?

There will be a 1-page form to read through and sign.

1. This is to say that you understand that the scan is not a medical exam and that the 3D scan does not replace the Dating or Morphology scan performed by your Docter or Sonographer. We do not take any measurements of your baby and we do not perform a Dating scan.

2. You give us permission to use any pictures obtained during your scan as photos in our online gallery - these will be de-identified.

Prior to your appointment:

We do ask that you have had your 18-20 week Anatomy / Morphology scan prior to booking if possible.

You will not need a very full bladder (however it is appreciated) and we recommend something sweet to eat or drink 20-30 minutes prior to your scan. Drinking extra water a few days prior to your scan will ensure that there is sufficient amniotic fluid which can help to improve the clarity of your scan.